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SESSION DESCRIPTIONS: Please select (3) sessions.

Let's Talk Credit (teens invited): This session will focus on credit, specifically: understanding credit scores, improving your credit, and accessing your credit history.


Preparing For Successful Homeownership: As house prices rise and inventory is relatively low, learn the basic steps to qualify for a loan to purchase a home along with an explanation of the homebuying process.


Banking Basics including Protecting Your Money & Identity (teens invited): This session will include tips on managing your money more wisely and improving your savings habits, as well as some strategies for avoiding identity theft.


Planning For Retirement: Important action steps for achieving a financially secure retirement.


All About Student Loans (teens invited): Learn how to pay for college and offer strategies for managing student loan debt.


Growing Your Small Business: If you are a small-business entrepreneur or want to be one, this session will introduce you to a comprehensive approach to maximizing cash flow, the lifeblood of every small business.  Loans and credit are an important aspect – but there is much more to consider.


For Teens Only: A Special Fun Session: This special session for teens only will introduce young people to the basics of money management – and what better time to learn than when you’re young?ider.

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