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Program Description

The purpose of the Concerned Black Clergy’s Emergency Assistance (EA) program is to assist senior citizens, veterans and single families living in poverty, unfortunate circumstances or that are homeless. The EA is also a resource for our partner churches, mosques and religious institutions. 


This financial support is used for short-term help with expenses such as energy bills, food, security transportation and the purchase of medication. Because of the impact of the COVID - 19 pandemic in our local communities, Concerned Black Clergy will partner with various community Faith-Based leaders committed to assist with the reduction of cases in the Metro Atlanta area.

This program is designed to purchase, produce and provide masks, cleaning products, supply food and any necessary items for those in churches and communities and assist with emergency financial needs. It is the mission of CBC to provide the resources necessary to help succumb the impact that this pandemic has made in the African American community. 


Program Requirements

To be eligible for the EA individuals must reside in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. Individuals must provide the all required documents to be considered for assistance. All approved applicants can only submit a request every (12) months. 


For all approved applicants, checks are submitted by mail from Concerned Black Clergy, issued directly to the utility company and/or the rental/mortgage agency on behalf of the applicant. Applicants will be informed via email when checks have been mailed.

Emergency Assistance Request

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